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Webinar Updates:

Thank you for your interest in the Webinar on Leveraging Data to Address Sickle Cell Disease. If you were not able to attend today’s Webinar - or if you would like to review any of the information we reviewed at the Webinar - please use the below links to view them:

Public Webinar: Leveraging Data to Address Sickle Cell Disease:

Private Webinar: Leveraging Data to Address Sickle Cell Disease (1:00- 1:30pm)
Password: SCData2020


Using surveillance to determine the number of individuals with sickle cell disease in California and Georgia, 2005–2016

Posted by Alex Wilson (Admin) Aug 19, 2020

Important work from former OMH Fellow, Aika Aluc and OMH Medical Officer CAPT David Wong in their recently published report in @JPHOonline

on #SCD. Read the report’s findings on population-level #SCD surveillance in California and Georgia:

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