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Here is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the Healthathon, including resources, terms of participation, assessment of submissions, recognition, timelines, and next steps. 

To ask a question:

  • Click 'Post a Solution'
  • Register if you haven't already
  • A modal will pop up with the title 'Post an Idea'
  • Add an image if you would like to do so
  • Under 'Give your idea a title', add a title with your question
  • Under 'Describe your idea', add a brief sentence with more details
  • Press the publish button and you are good to go!



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Format for Ideas

Is there a particular format that the idea is required to be in?

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Steps to Register

Good afternoon, I am interested in signing up with a group of graduate medical science students and wanted to confirm the steps to register as a team.

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Kickoff Event Recording?

Hi! I unfortunately have class that runs through most of the kick off event today. Is there any way it could be recorded and shared with participants? Thank you!    -Drew 

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Part of my submission involves a code prototype. Can I have access to a GitHub Repository?

Yes, you can! Identify whom on your team is going to be the 'team lead' for administering their repository, and comment with your github username and/or your email address.

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What are the important dates?

  Thursday, August 20:  Registration Opens  Come one, come all. This is your first chance to register as a participant (solo or as part of a team) in the Healthathon. Thursday, September 3 12:00pm ET:  Kickoff Event On Thursday, September 3, Healthathon program partners and sponsors provided context on the importance of developing solutions that support people living with Sickle Cell Disease and details about the Healthathon's implementation phase. Speakers included: Maia Laing...

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