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Addressing Inconsistent Protocols for ED Physicians and Nurses

Hospital emergency departments have varying intake protocols for SCD patients, and some have no protocols at all, which creates confusion and challenges for patients seeking care. The Assistant Secretary for Health has released guidelines for the emergency treatment of Sickle Cell Disease but these are not often followed. As a result, many ED doctors and nurses are not trained in administering the proper medications or correctly diagnosing a patient’s symptoms. These issues can be compounded by racial bias and social stigmas towards patients seeking opioids.

As one idea, HHS could introduce an ongoing, nationwide training curriculum for nurses and doctors to provide a comprehensive review of SCD protocols and patient treatment. These programs could work in tandem with hospital networks and be piloted in major states. This program could include analyzing data to show the impact of training on patient outcomes or other data-driven approaches to improving care.

What data would be needed to help improve protocols for personnel in the Emergency Department?


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Good Morning, Here is something I drafted a while back

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Alex Wilson Sep 16, 2020

Hello Mauvareen, thank you very much for sharing this with us. Could you please confirm that you would like this draft to be considered as part of our Healthathon? We would be happy to review this under the category for Improving the Experience in the Emergency Department: Thank you!

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Good Morning Alex, my team will be submitting our final presentation by Friday, September 18th. I just included the attachment as a topic of discussion. It will be included in our final draft.
If a teams presentation is selected is there a way to collaborate with an institution like Howard University?

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Alex Wilson Sep 16, 2020

Thank you very much for clarifying Mauvareen! We look forward to receiving your submission. Yes, if a team's submission is selected for recognition, we have worked out opportunities for that team to collaborate with Howard University. We've recently posted the details under the 'Recognition and Awards' section of this page: Please let me know if I can help clarify any questions. Thanks, Alex

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