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Proactive Nurse Case Manager Led Interventions For Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Department

The solution includes a Nurse Case Manager well versed in Sickle Cell Disease and it's protocols for Pain management. Each patient would have individualized care plans available on file in their chart and also by flash drive or on an app in the patient's mobile phone. The patients will have the Nurse case manager's mobile phone number and will call when going to ED or in ED if there are any complaints. The patient's can call the Nurse Case manager if there is a long wait. The Nurse case manager will contact the triage nurse to facilitate the patient getting to a room. The Nurse Case manager will train the Nurses and Physicians on Pain protocols according to the NHLBI Evidence-Based Management of Sickle Cell Disease and Current Best practices. They can also be trained on Diversity, Cultural Competence and Sickle Cell Advocacy. If the Nurse case manager is on site and it is 8am-5pm, the Nurse case manager can round on the patient in person. If after hours, the Nurse case manager can be contacted by mobile phone for direction. The Nurse case manager will continue to case manage educate the patient whether discharged or admitted. All patients will have a Pain Action Plan that they keep at home or with them on their mobile phone and in their chart. The Nurse case manager will provide the patients with resources for transportation, Insurance,  Pharmacy support, Primary Care, support services and local advocates during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Nurse case manager will educate the patients on Sickle Cell Disease, Pain Triggers, Their medications, New Therapies, Complications, Self-advocacy, etc. This solution was implemented and successful at Baptist Medical System in Montgomery, Alabama and at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee.

Thank you kindly,

Brenda Merriweather, RN, MSN

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