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Steps to Register

by Blake Archer | Sep 3, 2020 | in Ask a Question

Good afternoon, I am interested in signing up with a group of graduate medical science students and wanted to confirm the steps to register as a team.

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Alex Wilson Sep 3, 2020

Hello Blake, many thanks for your question. You have already registered for an account on Crowdicity, which is the first step. If your other team members would like to register for accounts on Crowdicity, they are welcome to do so.

1. If you are submitting a technology solution that involves a code prototype: please send me the email address or the github username associated with your 'team lead'. This is the person who will have Admin privileges to their designated Repository. We will give your team lead access to a repository and your Team Lead will be able to invite outside collaborators (team members) to the designated repository.

Example: could be the designated repository for your team.

This is the Read me for the Healthathon Project on Github as a whole:

2. If your submission does not involve a code prototype: When you are ready to post your solution, go to the designated Challenge Area you are interested in (such as and click post a solution. When you get to the section of the form that says 'Users' type in the username(s) associated with the members of your team. You can also list your team members in the description as text.

Attached is a picture describing this step.

If you need anything clarified, please let me know and I would be happy to assist. Thank you!

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Alex Wilson Sep 18, 2020

Hello Blake, just checking back in - did you want to submit a solution for the Healthathon with your team? We would be honored to review your submission. If you are planning on making a submission, we do ask that we receive it by Friday, September 18 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT. Thank you!

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