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SickleStrong Network: An Automated Texting Support Intervention to Connect Transitioning Adult SC Patients to Helpful Peers, Providers, and Better ER Experience

We aim to create an easy-to-use and accessible automated texting service to help provide patients with sickle cell who are nearing adulthood with access to their provider team during ER admissions to reduce wait-time and negative experiences awaiting treatment during pain crises. This service will also act to connect patients with sickle cell with others in similar age groups, offering patients the ability to seek support, seek training to provide support to others, and participate in community action planning groups to affect change patients wish to see in their communities, clinics, and hospitals. 

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edited on 19th September 2020, 03:09 by Drew Walker
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Drew Walker Sep 19, 2020

Thank you for your time and consideration!