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Format for Ideas

by Martine Bell | Sep 10, 2020 | in Ask a Question

Is there a particular format that the idea is required to be in?

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Alex Wilson Sep 10, 2020

Hello Martine, thanks very much for your question! No, there is not a particular format that the submission is required to be in. You can describe your submission in text format, or attach a file as part of your submission. For example:

1. You have a submission for 'Improving the Experience in the Emergency Department.
2. Navigate to and click 'Post a Solution'
3. Give your solution a title, and a description
4. Optionally, in the additional fields describe any relevant links with your submission, the type of solution, and tag users that teamed up with you to form the submission.
5. Upload any additional files that will be helpful when judges are reviewing your submission (such as a picture, a zip file, or a pdf).
6. Press publish and you are good to submit!

If you are submitting a technology solution that involves a code prototype, we do ask that you submit your code in a designated repository. Please send me the email address or the github username associated with your 'team lead'. This is the person who will have Admin privileges to their designated Repository. We will give your team lead access to a repository and your Team Lead will be able to invite outside collaborators (team members) to the designated repository. Then you will submit your code solution to the repository as part of your submission.

This is the Read me for the Healthathon Project on Github as a whole:

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Martine Bell Sep 10, 2020

Thank you!

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