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Full Circle, Full Life

Problem: How might we make patients and providers aware of and receptive to new treatment options and clinical research opportunities?

Background: Many sickle cell patients are not completely aware of the full affects of the their disease, how sickle cells affect blood clotting and energy, and thus, are hesitant to reach out for help or see the benefit of help.

Objective: Educate patients on how sickle-shaped red blood cells affect the body's ability to deal with infection as well as provide energy in day to day life. The cornerstone of the campaign will be providing a visual cue that of how sickle cell might be affecting a patient's favorite daily activities.

Insight: According to the HHS, only 25% of SDC patients seek treatment. There is a knowledge gap among patients regarding how SDC affects them as well as the benefits treatments can have.

Strategy: Create a digital marketing campaign featuring the Full Circle, Full Life brand title and visual assets to clearly explain the effects of SDC, and how simple treatments can help. Patients can be targeted using a myriad of digital marketing tools. By focusing on daily activities, this makes the issue more relevant and critical, as patients will begin to see how SDC is preventing them from living their life to the fullest.

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