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Proactive Nurse Case Manager Led Interventions For Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Department

The solution includes a Nurse Case Manager well versed in Sickle Cell Disease and it's protocols for Pain management. Each patient would have individualized care plans available on file in their chart and also by flash drive or on an app in the patient's mobile phone. The patients will have the Nurse case manager's mobile phone number and will call when going to ED or in ED if there are any complaints. The patient's can call the Nurse Case manager if there is a long wait. The Nurse case...

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Brenda Merriweather

Baltimore, United States

Joined this community on Aug 28, 2020

Bio 2010 Sickle Cell Program Coordinator at Baptist Health System in Montgomery, Alabama 2010 Developed and Implemented the Proactive and Aggressive Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Model 2013 Case Manager II for the Sickle Cell Center of Excellence at Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2016 Was Awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2018 Nurse Case Manager with The Sickle Cell Team at Johns Hopkins University 2020 Care Manager at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

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